Phosphorus Dating is a game about Technology and Relationships.

Set in 1996, a lot of people is amazed by Internet and want to try to find someone to date online. Phosphorus Dating website has a very smart algorithm to find a match for anybody based on their gender, sexual orientation, age and interests, but for some reason this algorithm is not working as expected.

You are Cecilia Dent and have to find the right matches for these people while the algorithm is being fixed.


You have 5 weeks, until our system is fixed, to match couples based on their gender, sexual orientation, age and interests. Every week you will have to find a good couple for the people in the left list of the Phosphorus Dating program. Pick the right person on the right and match the couple. If you can't find a good match, you can dismiss anybody on the right list, but it uses Hearts ❤, which you only get when you make a successful couple. You will also need Hearts ❤ to go to the next week.

When you match a couple, they will go out on a date and you can keep up with the progress on the lower left date list on the program. After that finishes you'll get a report.


This game was created by Bruno Croci for the #js13k competition.